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I am Cavell Webster better known as Ebony!


I am designer who specializes in branding for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to communicate with their audience through their personal brand style and create a signature style.   Focusing on the art of illustrative typography and logo design, my goal is to help small businesses convey their message legibly with creative persona and professionally, by delivering on expectational service that pushes small businesses to break the boundaries of visual art to create their own identity in today’s competitive field.


My passion as an art influencer, I believed in the transformation of visual ideas to endless masterpieces, so it can be viewed and enjoyed by the potential customer base. By utilizing my training, skills and knowledge as a art student, in Art History and Graphic Communications has propelled me forward to being of service, helping other small business create a name for themselves as they find their way in the small business realm.

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